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The Mullaney Hospitality Group was founded by industry veterans who have a long track record of building and renovating hotels.  The Mullaney team has overseen the design and construction of large, full-service properties, smaller, limited-service properties and the complete renovation and re-flagging of existing hotels.

Our team takes a hands-on approach to design and construction, supervising all phases of a project ensuring proper construction, compliance with building codes, and financial oversight.  We provide clients a full range of hotel development services, ranging from site selection analysis and construction management, to the staffing and ongoing management of a new hotel.  We have partnered with several hotel investment partnerships and managed the financing, development, and ongoing management of several new hotel developments and acquisitions.

For existing hotel owners, we can provide complete PIP (Product Improvement Plan) management, and have the ability to work through renovations for existing properties while minimizing disruptions to client experience and revenue flow.  We have experience consulting on a wide array of property improvements, ranging from aesthetics and design to engineering and complete additions to existing properties.